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The Migration Adventure: CRA to Vite and npm to pnpm

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As I was migrating a client’s project from CRA to Vite I encountered plenty of issues. Some of which were due to certain imports that are specific to Webpack, the other ones were due to me using pnpm as opposed to npm.

That wasn’t a smart move, migrating to another build tool as well as another package manager at once. So I switched back to using npm to finish my Vite migration, fixed the errors, all good.

When I tried using pnpm again and installed the packages using it, it kept throwing many errors that package X, Y, Z are not installed, which is weird, because the npm version works just fine!

Via pnpm import, the existing lock files are parsed and pnpm-lock.yaml gets generated, so the lock files should have the same content.

It is true that all the dependencies that are mentioned in the lock files will be installed by pnpm without fault. However, due to how npm installs packages and their dependencies, you will find yourself being able to use a dependency of a package without explicitly installing.

That’s exactly what happened, notably with date-fns and some other packages. How npm structures your node_modules/ allows you to import date-fns even if it wasn’t present as a dependency in your package.json, as long as some other package depends on it.

Bottom line, explicit is better than implicit.

I downloaded the missing packages like a good boy and life moved on 🙂.


I followed this article to switch from CRA to Vite, it was very helpful.

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